January News

Here’s our recap from January! Lots of great things happening at Community Lodgings!

On January 25, our third and fourth grade girls benefited from the collaboration with The Spitfire Club, a nonprofit with the mission to create a world in which every girl feels empowered to be the tenacious, authentic, curious, resilient, emphatic protagonist of her own story. The groups are based on reading and infuse arts and crafts, exercise, and games to teach reading skills. The groups are a way for the students to build healthy
relationships, learn new skills in a fun and secure environment, and practice their literacy skills.


Community Lodgings was featured in the Fairfax Times! It shares the story of one of our residents Sara and how the renovations, and support of Community Lodgings changed the direction of her life. Read the story here!

College & Career Readiness
On January 24, Community Lodgings after school program middle school and high school students received college and career readiness courses from our rockstar Americorps Service Members, Tasnim and Rachel. Each grade has a separate curriculum based on their needs.

The middle school students focus on getting ready for high school, how to choose a schedule that works for them, college readiness, and ways to adjust to new environments.

Our high school students focus on what is needed to apply for colleges, techniques on obtaining a job, and methods of selecting a career that fits their skills and abilities. Most of our students’ parents have not been to college or received technical training so strong supports are necessary to make sure the students are able to achieve their professional and personal dreams.

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