There are many questions related to our programs and we are here to answer them. Please browse our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to many inquiries you may have. If you have a question not listed please contact us at 703-549-4407.

Potential/New Resident FAQ

What is the Community Lodgings affordable housing program?

Community Lodgings owns the five properties that it rents to low-income families. We bought the properties so we could offer them for rent at below-market rates.

What are the rates of your apartments and the sizes?

Our apartments range from 1 bedroom/1 bath to 3 bedrooms/2 bath. Rates are adjusted annually but at this point the rent ranges from $958 – $1593/month.

That doesn’t sound affordable to me.

Our rates based on the  recommendations established by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines. Those rates are based on market-rate rents from local, comparable housing units.

Do I qualify for Community Lodgings’ affordable housing program?

It depends on the number of people in your family and your combined income. It must equal or be less than the amounts shown in the chart below, which is based on combined household earnings of 60% or less than the median income of the surrounding area ($117,200 for a family of four annually, as of 2018).

What are your requirements if I want to apply for your affordable housing?

You  must be able to:

• Provide proof of family income from all sources

• Must be 18 years old or older, single, or a family of two or more individuals who intend to live together as a family unit

• Household contains at least one occupant who is not a student

• Pass a background/credit check

What is included in the rent?

Your monthly rent includes gas, water, common area grounds maintenance and trash removal. You will be responsible for your electric bill, cable and internet services.

How do I apply? Do you have a waiting list?

Contact our property manager, Erika Orozco, to complete an application. You can reach her at (703) 549-4407 or email her at eorozco@community-lodgings.org. We do keep a waiting list although our properties are full most of the time and one becomes available only occasionally. In that case we will refer to our waiting list for a new tenant.

What do I need to bring when I submit my application?

• Last two pay stubs or proof of income from all sources.

• Information/verification on all assets.

• Social Security Number or ITIN number for all applicants.

• Picture ID for all applicants over 18 years.

• Application fee of $50 per applicant who is over 18 years of age

• One month’s rent security deposit

• Sign a one-year lease agreement and yearly certifications

Why do I need to pay $50/adult applicant?

We perform background checks and reference checks on every applicant and that fee helps to cover that cost.

Where are your affordable housing apartments located?

We have five apartment complex buildings dedicated to affordable housing. They are:

3908 Elbert Avenue

3912 Elbert Avenue

3916 Elbert Avenue

607 Notabene Drive

612 Notabene Drive

All sites are located in Alexandria, VA  22305

Do you have parking?

Parking can be scarce in these areas and we can issue one parking sticker per apartment unit. We cannot issue a second sticker. Vehicles belonging to our residents must have Virginia tags or they may be towed.

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact our property manager, Erika Orozco, at (703) 549-4407 or email her at eorozco@community-lodgings.org.


Current Resident FAQ

Can we have a specific resident services program (class, event, etc.) at my building?

No. Our apartments do not have the capacity for services like that. However, our Fifer Family Learning Center, located on the first floor of our property at 607 Notabene Drive, often has classes, workshop, and drop-in assistance.

I’m having a problem with my apartment (or the property or another tenant). Who do I contact with complaints?

Contact our property manager, Erika Orozco, at (703) 549-4407 or email her at eorozco@community-lodgings.org.

I need help with services (food, health, etc.) in addition to my housing. Who can I call?

Alexandria has many organizations to help you with your various needs. Start with the City of Alexandria Department of Community and Human Services. You reach them at http://www.alexandriava.gov/DCHS or call them at (703) 746-5700.

I would like to move from one building to a different one. What is the process?

We typically do not allow moves from one apartment to another.

Transitional Housing FAQ

What are the eligibility guidelines for your transitional housing program?

Transitional Housing Eligibility Guidelines

Applicants for Community Lodgings’ transitional housing program must meet ALL of the following eligibility guidelines:

  • Applicants must be 21 years of age or older
  • Applicants must be a legal citizen of the United States
  • Applicants must be employed at least 35 hours per week, and must be moving toward full time employment (40 hours)
    • If you are a student, the employment requirements still apply
  • Applicants must have been drug free for a year or more. If in a drug program (drug courts), applicant must provide documented clean time. Any applicant may be tested at any time while in our program
  • Applicants must have identification issued by either the state of Virginia or a Northern Virginia shelter. Birth certificates and social security cards are required for all children of the applicant
  • Applicants must meet Community Lodgings’ income guidelines, having a total family income that does not exceed 50% of the area’s median income
  • Applicants must be experiencing a housing crisis such as being homeless, living in a shelter or be at imminent risk of becoming homeless
  • All applicants must be willing to sign a program agreement and adhere to all programmatic guidelines
  • All applicants must agree to share information regarding their social services, financial, mental health, medical, rental, employment and legal history
  • All applicants must agree to provide police clearances and mental and physical health evaluations
  • Parents must have custody of at least one minor child
  • The parent must be willing to work on obtaining a GED or external diploma if s/he did not complete high school
  • Families must be willing to have alcohol and drug free households (even if the parent has no history of addiction)
  • For a two-parent household, both parents must meet all program criteria and requirements

The client must possess sufficient resources to provide for the program fee, basic living expenses (food, clothing, laundry, personal items, etc.), and savings. Income may be from a variety of sources. Full-time employment is required of all adult clients in the program unless enrolled in a pre-approved full-time vocational program. Resident is still required to have sufficient resources as outlined above.

IF you meet ALL of these guidelines, please contact the Alexandria Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) at 703-746-5700. You must go through this process before you can be referred to us. We receive all of our transitional housing applicants from them. DCHS may also refer you to other transitional housing services and programs in this area.

Do I need to have a job to be eligible?

Yes, you must be employed no less than 35 hours per week to be eligible for our transitional housing program.

What if I lose my job while I am in your program?

Upon acceptance into our program, you will receive a Community Lodgings Transitional Housing handbook. This handbook covers the procedures you must follow if you lose your job, along with other, comprehensive information about our program. We will work with you to help you put together a plan to seek new employment.

Will my children be able to attend the local schools?

Yes, your child will be enrolled in the schools closest to our transitional housing. Or, if you want them to stay in their current school which is out of the area, we can arrange for your child to stay there if you wish.

I come from a domestic violence household. How can I make sure my children and I are safe?

The domestic violence families in our transitional housing program were referred to us from DCHS and were placed in the city’s domestic violence shelter. While living in the shelter you will have access to support groups that will teach you how to keep you and your family safe. You will also learn how to develop a “safe plan” for you and your family. We can assist you with the development of a safe plan as well.

Youth Education & English Language Program FAQ

How do I register for English classes? 

Currently, Community Lodgings does not run these classes but coordinates with FACE for the sessions.  Enrollment is generally January and August but more information can be found at their website, http://www.acps.k12.va.us/face-centers/

How do I register my child for after-school program?

There is a one week registration period in August; our website will be updated with the dates, flyers will be posted, and we will communicate this information. Throughout the year, appointments can be made to register. Currently, there is room in our middle and high school programs and a wait-list for our elementary programs. Students from Alexandria City Public Schools are eligible for program participation.

What are the hours and dates of the after-school program?

The after-school program runs in conjunction with the Alexandria City Public Schools calendar. We tutor students in grades 1 – 6 from 2:45 – 4:15 p.m. Monday – Thursday at our three after-school sites (Fifer Learning Center, New Brookside and Brent Place). Our middle and high school student programs run from 4:30 – 6:00 p.m. on the same days and locations. Fridays are reserved for drop-in, one-on-one tutoring and homework assistance for all students.

What are the hours and dates of the summer enrichment program?

Fifer elementary morning program 9:30 am-12:30 pm and afternoon program  1:30 pm -5:00 pm. New Brookside middle school hours were 1:30pm-5:00 pm and the dates were July 6 through August 21. Brent Place’s elementary school program was 9:30 am-3:30 pm and were from July 6- July 31. Hours for the 2016 are yet to be determined but will be similar dates and times.

How do I register my child for the summer enrichment program?

Enrollment usually begins in the end of May for the enrollment and can be done at any of the Learning Centers – Fifer, New Brookside, and Brent Place. Flyers will be distributed and the website will be updated with that specific start dates. Enrollment is based on a first come, first serve basis and will continue until the program is filled.

How can I enroll my child in your mentoring program?

Our mentoring program meets as a group on Monday evenings and is separated by gender. If you have a student in 6th through 12th grade attending Alexandria City Public Schools and you are interested in enrolling your child in our mentoring program, please contact Program Director, Melanie Ficke, (melanieficke@community-lodgings.org) and she will provide information on the application process.

Our family is not low-income but I would like to enroll my child in your program because it is so good. Are we eligible?

Yes, all students from Alexandria City Public School are eligible.

Our family speaks Spanish primarily. Is your staff bilingual?

Yes, we always have bilingual and bicultural staff and volunteers at our learning centers.

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What is the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)?

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