Community Lodgings simply could not serve its clients without the help of the entire community. We know the power of collaboration and have seen for ourselves that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. With that in mind, we have built relationships with all sectors – sister nonprofits, education, churches, business, government and individuals.

Some of our partners relationships involve close, daily contact such as our partnership with the Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) and their Family And Community Engagement (FACE) center program. As a FACE partner, our staff and after school volunteer tutors work closely with the ACPS teachers so we can reinforce each student’s learning in a nurturing, positive environment. The result? Test scores for our ACPS students enrolled in our after-school program keep going up!

Other partnerships, while not as frequent as others, are equally vital in helping us serve our families and kids. We depend on our corporate friends for professional counselors for our families in transition, as well as supporting us as we continue to expand our services. Our local churches are critical in supporting our clients, especially during the holidays, back-to-school events and colder seasons.

We frequently partner with other like-minded nonprofits and programs managed through the City of Alexandria in mutually beneficial relationships. Many other nonprofits and organizations have prospered, as have we, through our partnerships.

Finally, we rely heavily on individuals – volunteers, donors and friends who help us in every way imaginable. They teach our kids, they support our programs, they spread the word about our good work to their families and friends.

Administrative Office

3912 Elbert Ave. Suite 108

Alexandria, VA 22305


The New Brookside Learning Center

601 Four Mile Road

Alexandria, VA 22305


Fifer Family Learning Center

607 Notabene Drive

Alexandria, VA 22305


What is the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)?

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