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Kids Explain “What Community Lodgings Means” to Them

“Community Lodgings is loving, safe, and super awesome.” 

“This is truly something special because it’s only certain people dedicated to giving, and that’s Community Lodgings!”

“I am thankful for the chance I was given to be a voice for my community and to tell others about Community Lodgings, its programs, and how it’s been a blessing for me.”  

These are just a few of the sentiments that came out when Alexandria Councilman Will Bailey challenged our kids to an essay-writing contest about what Community Lodgings means to them. The 4 winners of cash prizes sponsored by Councilman Bailey read their essays aloud to staff, family, and friends in both English and Spanish. It was a great presentation, and we are so proud of our kids for all their hard work and thoughtfulness.

Although the essay theme incorporated the holiday spirit and the essays reflect that, we think they also represent what we try to achieve all year long: sustaining and supporting education, healthy behavioral patterns, and financial well-being for these kids and their families. But don’t just take our word for it: to read the essays yourself, click here!

Thank You Washingtonian Magazine

We did the happy dance on November 29 when Washingtonian Magazine listed us as one of their 24 Local Charities That Are Worth Your Time and Money! We are listed under “If You Want to Help the Hungry and Homeless” and of course we could be listed under “If You Want to Help Kids and… Continue Reading

You Make a HUGE Difference!

You know that starfish story where a little boy tries to throw as many starfish as he can back into to ocean one morning before the sun shrivels them? Then when an old man points out to the young boy that he can’t possibly save all of the starfish, the boy throws another starfish into… Continue Reading

Top Ways to Give to Community Lodgings This Year

  Want to make a difference this Christmas? Here’s what you need to know: Support our Holiday Appeal. Contribute to our holiday fundraising campaign with an end of the year tax-deductible donation. Join our Open Doors Multi-Year Giving Society. Pledge as little as $83.33 per month for the next five years to give the “gift that… Continue Reading

September 2016 newsletter

September 2016 newsletter

  So much going on with our September newsletter – winding down summer, getting ready for our after-school program and finalizing our Open Doors to Independence Breakfast on October 20 (you’re coming, right)? Just click here to join us – and it’s free! And you MUST meet our two award winners in this photo!  … Continue Reading

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