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Ambassador Reflections – Six Questions with Councilman Justin Wilson

City Council member Justin Wilson has served on Alexandria’s city council for seven years – first in 2007, then continuously since 2012. He and his family live in Alexandria, where he also works for Amtrak. Justin recently answered six questions about Community Lodgings:

What attracted you to Community Lodgings?

 The longevity of the commitment to our community is something that is particularly attractive to me. We have a lot of organizations that serve Alexandria, thankfully. Community Lodgings is good about identifying the niche that they want to serve, and serving it really, really well. That’s admirable and very valuable to the community.

Why do you think they been successful for 30 years?

 Community Lodgings has been very disciplined in identifying the people they serve and the problems they address. Folks understand what Community Lodgings does and that is helpful.

What is important to you about their work?

 I love the work they do with youth and their after school program. That is a personal interest of mine. We have all been talking about affordable housing, public housing, and need to have all the steps in the housing continuum for everyone in our community. But, some housing options are not appropriate for where people are in their lives but they can’t move because the type of housing they need is not available. Community Lodgings’ affordable housing helps to bridge that gap. Each stair step along the way is critical.

What is your favorite Community Lodgings experience?

 The times I’ve been able to visit and observe programs at their different sites. It has been rewarding to see on the ground level the impact of programs. That has always been neat moment for me. You can lose sight of the impact you are providing when you work the policy side.

Why would you recommend involvement with Community Lodgings to your friends?

 I have recommended Community Lodgings to folks, usually as a place to donate or volunteer. I am impressed by Community Lodgings’ mission and their commitment and focus to that mission.

How has Community Lodgings made Alexandria extraordinary?

 One of the things that makes Alexandria extraordinary is our commitment to our people.  Community Lodgings helps build our entire community because a lot of the population they serve is new to our country and they are trying to get established. Community Lodgings helps them integrate into our larger community and that is something we are known for.

Ambassador Reflections – From a Volunteer’s View

By Holly Herman My name is Holly Herman.  I’ve been a periodic speaker/trainer for the last four years, sharing my experience as an Executive Coach. I was attracted to Community Lodgings by the work they do.  Community Lodgings is doing work that directly meets the needs of the community.  The afterschool programs for the children… Continue Reading

Ambassador Reflections – Getting to Know Donna Cramer

by Joy Loving, Volunteer Donna Cramer is an Alexandria-based realtor with McEnearney Associates, Inc., who has supported Community Lodgings, privately and through McEnearney Associates, for nearly two decades. Donna has sponsored several of Community Lodgings’ “Spring Forward” functions and even found a way to creatively incorporate the Washington Nationals into her giving. We asked Donna some questions about her continuing support… Continue Reading

Ambassador Reflections – Leading with Passion

Ambassador Reflections – Leading with Passion

Marie Muscella met Community Lodgings completely by chance. Her lawyer and Community Lodgings board member George Tuttle invited her to a board meeting one evening. It was 2009 and Marie was re-evaluating her life. What was important? What mattered? Volunteering was always a part of her family’s life growing up, and somehow she had drifted… Continue Reading

Naydelin – A Youth Programs Success Story

Naydelin, a first grader at George Mason Elementary School, enrolled in Community Lodgings’ after-school programming in the start of the 2016-2017 academic year. At registration, we learned she had been in public school system for less than a year after moving from Honduras, and was an English Language Learner with a Special Education Plan to… Continue Reading

Kids Explain “What Community Lodgings Means” to Them

“Community Lodgings is loving, safe, and super awesome.”  “This is truly something special because it’s only certain people dedicated to giving, and that’s Community Lodgings!” “I am thankful for the chance I was given to be a voice for my community and to tell others about Community Lodgings, its programs, and how it’s been a… Continue Reading

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